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Our Investment Process

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Our investment team takes a top-down, multi-asset approach to investing. We help clients navigate through adverse markets and capitalise on attractive investment opportunities across asset classes, guided by our experience and our proprietary Market Analysis model, which combines fundamental, technical and quantitative analyses.


Market Analysis and Asset Allocation


IPPFA’s Investment Team employs a systematic approach in developing its investment strategy and utilises proprietary FTQ methodology to determine asset allocation.



We assess the economic conditions and market sentiments and perform a fundamental valuation of all
major markets.



We use our proprietary technical indicators and other relevant technical analysis tools to identify price
patterns and market trends.




We anticipate stock market movements through our proprietary Statistical Research Model.


Investment/Fund Selection


The investment selection process for allocation involves a combination of quantitative (i.e. ratio analysis, proprietary methods) and qualitative (i.e. due diligence) analysis of funds globally. Our investment team currently filters through over 700 - 1000s ETFs, regional and global funds to identify the best for each core category (i.e. region, industry, strategy, asset class). These best funds make up our recommendation list.


Portfolio Construction


Model portfolios have been constructed in-house based on the volatility target approach. The model portfolios cover varying levels of risk tolerance and, through further assessment, they can be tailored to suit unique requirements and preferences.


Portfolio Management


Our advisers regularly monitor our clients’ portfolios to ensure that their respective strategic asset allocation remains intact. Rebalancing will be triggered when the apportionment within the portfolio moves away from its original calibrations. In addition, on an ongoing basis, our investment team updates advisers with house views to provide them with insights to help their clients consider underweighting or overweighting in markets that are overvalued or undervalued. Our monthly Capital Watch newsletter provides clients with a comprehensive summary and opinion on global economies and markets.

Automated Portfolio Management


Eagle Eye is an Automated Portfolio Management Service that helps to optimise a client’s investment portfolio through periodic rebalancing and strategic asset allocation. Making investing more time efficient for your. The model portfolios are constructed using IPP's in-house Investment Analysis Process. Each Model is comprised of a different blend of investments, weighted to match the appropriate risk profile. Click here Learn all about Eagle Eye and the investment process.

Investment Committee


Our investment committee comprises seven investment professionals and is led by three veterans with combined investment and market experience of over 60 years. They are a team dedicated to conducting macro trend, market and risk analyses as well as determining and implementing asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio construction.

David Mok
Head of Fund Management


David currently heads Fund Management Services and manages a variety of funds for accredited investor clients at IPP. He is also the Head of Investment and Research at IPPFA and a senior member of IPPFA’s Investment Committee, responsible for the oversight of economic and investment research. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years, with professional experience on the buy-side, sell-side and distribution.


His illustrious career in the financial industry began in the US with an asset management company, Fulton Breakefield and Broenniman. After returning to Singapore, David continued his career in asset management at Asia Life Insurance, where he was part of the team that managed an over US$1 billion fund. He subsequently headed Singapore Equity Research at DBS Vickers Securities (DBSV), managing a team of 16 analysts and providing investment strategy views and deal flow advisory. DBSV Research rose to the no. 2 position in Singapore during his tenure. Prior to joining IPP, David helmed the Trading and Principal Investment unit at CIMB GK Securities, trading equities, derivatives, futures and money market instruments across the Asia-ex-Japan markets.


A much sought-after financial expert, David has travelled extensively across Asia, Europe and the United States, providing investment advice to institutional clients on the Singapore and Asian markets. He has been interviewed and quoted by numerous media outlets, including the Business Times, the Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5, FM 93.8, Asia Wall Street Journal, Professional Adviser and TODAY. Currently, he also teaches at the SGX Academy.

David holds an MBA from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and is a CFA charterholder.

Albert Lam
Managing Director (Investment)


As the head of the Investment Division in IPP, Albert helms what is quite easily the most comprehensive analysis team in the financial planning industry. He is also the chairman of IPP’s Investment Committee and takes a leading role in the oversight of economic and investment research. Under his leadership, IPP’s assets under advice have grown from nothing in 2002 to about $1.2 billion today.


Prior to joining IPP, Albert already had a number of accomplishments under his belt. During his former tenure as an analyst at DBS Vickers, he made many astounding market calls on various indices, the most notable being his call on the STI in 1998. He predicted major tops and a market bottom at 800 points. His sound expertise and extensive knowledge led him to being seconded to IPP Capital Management, where he counselled high net worth clients on their investments in the equity market, before taking on his current role as Managing Director (Investment).


Having spent more than two decades delving into investment products and services, including property financing, stock analysis, fund management and investment advisory, Albert is a much sought-after speaker and adviser on financial issues. He is a regular contributor to the weekend edition of the Business Times and is often quoted in the Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia.

Albert holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from York University, Canada.

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